• What is DealsinJa all about?
  • Deals-in-JA, is a simple but effective marketing tool that bridges the gap between Business and Customers in terms of Shopping and Advertisement. It’s a place where BUSINESSES list their Products, Services ,Coupons, Deals, Promotions and Specials, then Customers find them.
  • Is it free to use?
  • YES– It is FREE for customersNO — Businesses only pay a minimal fee monthly
  • How do I sign up as a business?

      This can be done two ways:

  1. You just give us the necessary information and we will create an account for you.
  2.  You can create an account by your self and start making offers.

    www.Dealsinja.com , www.Dealsinjamaica.com 


  • Are there different kinds of Deals?

Yes there are 2 kinds of coupons. (1) CODE (2) PROMOTION

You can also create a Deal for your item or service with a set dollar amount.


  • How do customers use the Coupons/ Deals?

This depends on the type of Deal listed. If it’s a CODE them customers will bring in the code to the business and redeem the value of the code. If it’s a PROMOTION, then no code is needed and the customers then proceed to the business to take advantage of your offer.


  • Do I have to print the Coupons/Deals?

NO printing is needed. But if the coupon has a CODE then the customers need to find some way to present the correct code to your business. They can print it, take a picture, show it on their mobile device, or write it down or even memorize it. Your aim is to have the customer present in your business.


  • Can we be easily contacted?

Yes, we are here to serve both Businesses and Customers, and enquirers will be handled promptly by our friendly staff. We can be contacted by the methods above or contact your personal Sales / Marketing Rep.


  • Can Consumers buy straight from the website?

Yes. Vendors/ Businesses who offer Products or Services for sale will state what payment methods they will accept.


  • What are some of the Payment Methods offered?

Bank or Credit Cards  (VISA, Master, American Express), Pay Pal, Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer


  • Does DealsinJA offer shipping?

Yes. This depends on the individual Vendor/ Store

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